Rise of the Runelords

24th Day of Lamashan: More Questions, Less an Answer

Pecan knew what to do, Brodert Quink was the local scholar of all things ancient. The group went to pay Mr Quink a visit. It became clear that Brodert was eager to have a few new students and encouraged them to sign up and pay for his class that apparently no one ever attends. After a few lies and scaring the old man, he was willing to share that the key Arin has was in fact shaped after a Sihedron symbol, the symbol of virtues from Thassilon.

“Although I have my reservations, the star is generally agreed among scholars to have represented; wealth, fertility, honest pride, abundance, eager striving, righteous anger, and rest. The Sihedron was core to Thassilonian culture.

“Most of my contemporaries believe the empire to have reached the height of power between 6,000 and 8,000 years ago. This is simply not the case, I believe Thassilon to have existed and disappeared no sooner than 10,000 years ago. Have I mentioned the old light must have been a terrible weapon of some sort?”

No one in the group seemed impressed and this seemed to upset Brodert, a man prideful of his education.

The heroes of Sandpoint spent the next day tending to their needs and investigating those who may have been involved in the murder of Katrine Vinder and Banny Harker. Ibor Thorn, the manager of the lumber mill, also the man who found the victims, was imprisoned as a suspect. As the day grew late, he was visited by Avaric and Arin and provided a few bits of information. Ibor, still covered in the blood of his employer, had tried to dislodge Banny’s hanging body. He insisted that he was not responsible for the deaths of Katrine or Banny. It was probably the Scarnetti family who had ordered Banny’s death and that Katrine was just unlucky for being with him at the time.ibor_thorn_by_akeiron-d59tmpm.jpg

“You see, the Scarnettis own the lumber mill and a few other businesses in the region, I knew Ibor was scamming some money from the mill, but I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want him to get in trouble or to endanger my job. If I found out that Banny was stealing money from the mill, I’m sure the Scarnettis did as well. They aren’t nice people, at least that is what Banny said.”

Belor didn’t consider Ibor a serious suspect, now with Ven and Ibor, both being released in the morning, he had little else to go on. The sheriff thought it would be important to share another piece of news with the team. There was another murder, a few days before Katrine and Banny had been killed. A few hours to the south a few Sandpoint guards came upon a mad man, Grayst Sevila, after he had killed several people in a barn.

Friends, Enemies, & Suspicions
Home may be scary

“First, let me thank you again for all you’ve done for Sandpoint. It’s fortunate you’ve proven yourselves so capable, because we’ve a problem I think you can help us with-a problem I wish I didn’t have to involve anyone with, but one that needs dealing with now before the situation grows worse.

“Put simply, we have a murderer in our midst­
one who, I fear, has only begun his work. Some of
you doubtless remember the Late Unpleasantness,
how this town nearly tore itself apart in fear as Chopper’s
slayings went on unanswered. I’m afraid we might have something similar brewing now.
" Last night, the murderer struck at the sawmill.
There are two victims, and they’re. . . they’re in pretty gruesome shape. The bodies were discovered by one of the mill workers, a man named lbor Thorn, and by the time my men and I arrived on the scene, a crowd of curious gawkers had already sprung up. I’ve got my men stationed there now, keeping the mill locked down, but the thing that bothers me isn’t the fact that we have two dead bodies inside. It’s the fact that this is actually the second set of murders we’ve had in the last few days.

“I come to you for help in this matter-my men are good, but they are also green. They were barely able to handle themselves against the goblins, and what we’re facing now is an evil far worse than goblins. I need the help. But I’m afraid you’ll need the help too. You see, I’m afraid that this particular murderer knows one of you as well.”

The sheriff needed help again. There were bodies, mutilated and scarred, woman and a man. The group entered the lumber mill and found Banny Harker, and Katrine Vender, Shayless’ sister. Banny had a sihedron Rune carved into his chest. Dried blood had been spilling down his torso as he hung, a hook protruding from his chest, suspended by chain from the ceiling. 9444493.jpgPinned into his shoulder was a large wooden spike.

The group began to immediately suspect Tyler of being involved in these cruel murders. He had earned his reputation of being a suspicious and secretive individual. Avaric in particular was concerned about Tyler’s involvement. Arin and Pecan growing concerned over Tyler’s new predicament later went to visit the sherif. Belor gave Pecan and Arin a note, one that had apparently been taken from Banny’s body, it had been pinned into his shoulder.

“We have spoken of this before, my master, Tyler. Now it begins. Join the Pack and it will end.”

Belor asked that Pecan and Arin not say anything to Tyler and to keep this information private. He did not want panic to spread and he did not want Tyler knowing he was a suspect before more information could be obtained. Ven Vinder, also a suspect, had been arrested and was held in the garrison. Belor didn’t consider him a serious suspect but Ven assaulted the Sherriff when Ven found out that Katrine had been killed.

Sneakily, Tyler was spying on this meeting. Listening outside the Town Hall beside a window, he hunched down, hearing what was being kept from him. The sheriff mentioned requesting an executioner so that justice could be doled out in Sandpoint rather than Magnimar. Tyler didn’t take well to being a suspect of murder.

The Fall of the House of Thistle

The raggedy bunch, realizing they had left a few goblin guards outside stashed the treasure horde back behind the latrine. They then setup a grease trap to lure the goblins and their goblin dogs. Pecan’s greasy plan executed flawlessly for the second time. He covered a section of the island with grease and with Tyler’s help, lured the goblins. One goblin after another plummeted off thistletop and into the ocean below. Without the aid of his goblin cohorts, the goblin druid Gromgurt, who they had fought a few days before, died quickly.
The team then turned their attention to the lower levels of Thistletop and going downstairs they come upon the war room. A table piled high with papers and a map of the invasion of Sandpoint on the wall, it was clear, the invasion from a few weeks ago was planned in this room, and here, the coming invasion of Sandpoint was also being refined. Krang opened the door one the far side the room. Here a woman was already in the process of casting a spell at whomever opened the door. The spell she let loose as soon as she set eyes on the large green half-orc. Krang’s greataxe exploded in his hands bursting into bits of wood and steel, shrapnel bouncing off ceiling and walls. The saviors of LyrieakenjaSandpoint quickly jumped into action and killed the female wizard before she could cause more harm. She was standing in what appeared to be her study. The room was lined with book shelves, old tomes and paper, scattered everywhere, now covered in the blood of the woman who studied them.

Bruthazmus was busy with three goblin wives, probably belonging to Chief Ripnugget. They were taking the clothes off the large bugbear when Arin swung open the door to his room, allowing Pecan to throw a vial of alchemist’s fire. The fire engulfed the enraged bugbear and killed the three goblin wives, all who had planned on a better day then they received.Bruthazmus offered little resistance to the group. But his bloody body was dragged and used to detect any traps in the area. It was shortly after this that the group entered the Chapel to Lamashtu. OrikThe twin doors leading to the room were carved to show monstrous creatures being birthed from human mothers, clawing their way out of the womb. A towering statue of the deformed goddess Lamashtu leaned over an alter where remains of a previous scarifies still endured. A terrible howl, interrupted the group’s search of this terrible chapel, the sound of this eery cry sent Pecan and Tyler running for Sandpoint. Krang, Arin and Avaric attempted to buy time for their fleeing comrades by engaging the source of the howl, two Yeth Hounds. A bloody fight ensued and in spite of the cleric’s waning powers, the three prevailed against the four legged gifts of Lamashtu.

The statue was gruesome and cruel looking, the goddess held two kukris, one in each hand and each gave off a pale magic light, one blue and one red. Leaving the chapel alone and desiring to prevent the destruction of Sandpoint, the adventurers encountered Orik Vancaskerkin, wearing muffs around his ears and carrying an enormous shield in the shape of a man’s face. He identified himself as the protector and guardian of the inhabitants of Sandpoint. Orik made it clear that if the group didn’t pay him and provide the nicest home in Sandpoint, he would kill them in that moment. So they paid up, but only after Pecan tried to charm Orik, the situation turned more hostile.

Orik informed the group of Nualia’s location below on the second floor down, but was unable to give further details, he seemed too scared to go below.

As Orik had told them, the team searched the bookshelves where they had killed the female wizard. Pecan found the mechanism to open the hidden door and the group headed lower into Thistletop.

The floor below was slanted, uneven, leaning to the west. The staircase opened into a room lit by torches and lead into a hallway, where Pecan suspecting a shortcut, accidentally set off a trap. Steel portcullis encased him in the hallway, and statues to either side of him sprang to action and began slashing wildly with their razor sharp glaives. Krang, in a rage darted toward the portcullis bars and with all his strength tried to pull the bars apart to save his closest friend. The steel was too well forged for him to free Pecan. Tyler, yelling at Krang to get out of the way, pushed by him and in a flurry of movements, aided by Arin and Avaric, was able to disable the trap and free Pecan before the gnome was slashed to bits.

“I didn’t expect that” – Pecan

The element of surprise was gone. A door opened on the far side of the hallway, and a woman appeared. She had gruesome scars across her stomach and a foul, transformed arm, red and disgusting. She was beautiful but terrible, at her side stood a third Yeth hound. This was Nualia Tobyn, the daughter of Ezakien Tobyn, the priest who had died in the Sandpoint fire five years ago. She was thought to be dead, but Tstuo confirmed she was alive and was working for the terrible goddess Lamashtu. It was no surprise then to see her partially transformed into a creature.

“Why are you here?….Sandpoint is gone…destroyed”Nualia

The beautiful Nualia questioned her intruders for a few minutes while she reveled in her victory, certain of the town’s destruction.

In their fury Tyler, Arin, Pecan, Krang and Avaric attacked the woman and her companion, knowing that if the town was gone, she would die. The battle was fierce, but Nualia met her end. No matter the cost, they were intent on removing this woman from the world.

Avaric and Arin would no longer press deeper into Thistletop until they went to check on Sandpoint. They found the city just as they left it a few days earlier. Nualia had lied, or believed a lie told to her. Either way, the city was safe and unharmed.

The men laid their possessions down and went to their rooms, intent on being rested up for the return to Thistletop the following day. When dawn broke,Krang left his share of the goblin hoard in his room, locked in the chest. The rest of the group restocked on potions, food and water and made their way back to Thistletop.

They returned to Nualia’s chambers and began to look through her possessions. Most of what she had acquired were relics and ingredients for spells, if Pecan’s and Avaric’s opinions were to be trusted. The adventurers continued to explore the lower levels of Thistletop and came upon a dead end that Tyler believed to lead somewhere. He found a mechanism where he dropped two coins, one in each slot, and he instantly disappeared. The others followed suit and when they reappeared, they found themselves all together with Tyler in hallway with three doors.

One of the doors led to a room with two statues of a man clutching a book and a glaive. A ghostly figure, seated in a throne between the statues, appears to be the same man as the statues. His transparent arms were waving through the air, as if addressing an audience, the hooked rings on his fingers gleaming. A small voice came from the image seated before the adventurers. Karzoug

“….is upon us, but I command you to remain. Witness my power, how Alaznist’s petty wrath is but a flash compared to my strength. Take my final work to your graves, and let its memory be the last thing you…”

The image was stuck in a loop and was replaying that message over and over. After a quick search, the group went to the second room. They found very well kept instruments, ones used for fine cuts and probably used by a surgeon of sorts. Arin noticed a metal star with seven points on one of the tables and took it. He realized that this metal seven-pointed star was the key to the final door when placed into the recess of a similar shape. He twisted the shape and the door unlocked. Krang and Arin pushed the door open.

In a flash, the mighty Krang was a dead bloody heap on the floor. He had been slain by Malfeshnekor. The blinking frenzied demon form had been hiding, invisible, waiting for the proper moment to strike. The team tried everything they could to slow his fury but, Krang the mighty, fought and died by Arin’s side. The smell of burning hair and smoke burned the brave companions, the relentless whirlwind of claws, teeth and spells could have ended their lives. But Arin, Avaric, Pecan, and Tyler slew the demon Malfeshnekor. Krang’s lifeless body, gored and bloodied, a testament to the beast’s otherworldly power.

The group mourned their lost companion only after the room was picked clean of any valuables. Upon further searching they came upon a sealed room that was used as a tomb, within the room sat a huge helmet made of gold and studded with gems. MalfeshnekorThe helmet appeared to be sized for a giant, weighing many hundreds of pounds and more than five feet wide. Tyler noticed a door hidden in one of the walls in this same room. He opened the door and let Arin and Pecan lead the way. A room opened before them, with a mural made of small colored stones lining the walls and ceiling. The mural showed a landscape of a mountain range and in the largest valley a sprawling city of pure gold with an enormous solitary mountain rising from the valley. Arin and Pecan heard rumors of this city during their travels, the ancient lost city of Xin-Shalast.

Avaric in the meantime carried Krang’s body up the through the ruins and halls of Thistletop and upon reaching the summit, prepared a pyre for his funeral.Krang

The remaining companions, bruised and exhausted from the many days of struggle upon Thistletop, soon joined Avaric in saying goodbye to their comrade. Shortly after, they departed, taking the horse that had been captured, and leaving a helm of gold.

Krang’s Death marks the 21st Day of the Month of Lamashan.

And Hell is Coming With Me

Thistletop  2 Tyler and Pecan, sneaking up to the rope bridge, under cover, disabled the mechanism that made the bridge drop away under stress. Pecan followed Tyler all the way across the bridge to the other side and reinforced the bridge to allow passage to the remaining heroes of Sandpoint. The group gathered on Thistletop proper, noticing that the alarm had not be raised, took initiative and carefully entered the fortress through the front doors. Arin, Krang, Avaric, Tyler and Pecan slowly made their way around the fortress on Thistletop trying to discover any information that could lead to saving Sandpoint from the impending goblin attack. Carving a carefully planned route and stealth, the adventurers worked their way between the two guard towers, hoping to eliminate the chance of an alarm. They quickly dispatched a duo of goblin commandos and immediately began working their way to the western guard tower.01 goblin cmyk

Filled with pickles, the western guard tower outlook, had been filled with pickles. The pair of goblins that had been stationed here, apparently raided the food stores and stole four huge sacks of pickles and began voraciously eating them. This quickly earned the goblins a well deserved food nap. This was how the group found their pickle thieves; asleep and buried in pickles. Finding no mercy if their hearts for the unaware goblins they slew them in their sleep. Once the guard towers had been emptied of guards and the group had still been undiscovered they began to search the remainder of the Thistletop Fortress for Nualia and the treat to Sandpoint.Ripnugget They quickly came upon the goblin in charge of Thistletop after sneakily dispatching one of his guards. The green in charge, named Warchief Ripnugget, explained that he himself wasn’t at the attack on Sandpoint but he had been involved in it. He seemed confused as to why the group had been so upset about the attack and why the group sought vengeance rather than peace. Ripnugget was very impressed with the group’s appearance though, well armored and already seasoned in combat. He spoke highly of the group, to their faces, a fondness, he displayed. This did not save his life of the lives of any of the other goblins in the fortress. The squad of adventurers came to Thistletop for death, not words.

The greatest wealth of the fortress was kept in a chest with three keyholes. Filled to the brim with all sorts of coins, a sizable fortune, but was hidden behind a hole in the ground fouled by poo and piss. Krang’s already well tuned nose to the scent of poo, was unbothered by the overwhelming stench, it was he who discovered this fortune and he who removed it from the room with a hole…for poo. Krang found a golden fortune and Arin fed a crazed starving horse, things were done, words were said. Thomas, Jared, Zach, Nick, Jim & Ian went and did something else. I went to bed.

Swimming with Goblins

Tyler began creeping around the briars, scouting ahead for the goblin druid who had escaped the group. Krang, Arin and Avaric began to explore the western portion of the briar caves and discovered several outlooks overlooking the southern, western and northern approaches to Thistletop. It was on the western lookout that Arin noticed that the island of Thistletop resembled a huge, eighty foot tall, head. The sea and years had worn down the features, but an eye and nose could be made out. During their exploration of the thistle caves, Tyler discovered a wood and rope bridge that lead to the island. Atop this island was a crudely “goblin-crafted” fortress. It appeared to be constructed from salvaged parts from ships and thrown out lumber. The walls stood around twenty feet tall. To the west and east of the fortress stood lookout towers that extended forty feet into the air.

As they approached the bridge, Krang chose to dash across the bridge overlooking the sea below. As he ascended and finally reached the other side, stepping foot on Thistletop, the Goblin druid and his companions where there waiting for him. Krang realized he was in serious peril and the first chance he had, he began to run back across the bridge, away from the threat. The goblins then began to release the bridge attempting to drop it into the ocean below, with Krang still on it. It was Avaric, with his ingenious plan of tying a rope to Krang, who in a burst of strength pulled Krang all the way off the bridge before the bridge collapsed on one side. Krang mentioned his eternal indebtedness to the holy dwarf for saving his life.
The group sprang into action, firing arrows at the goblins on the other side, killing several, watching their bodies fall into the water below. The adventurers decided to rest for the night, inside the eastern lookout. The night was silent and uneventfull, and when morning eased its way into the world, Arin found the rope bridge to be restored to working condition. Tyler, with his keen eyes, noticed the ropes on the bridge were designed to give out, then with a pulley, could be lifted back into place.

A difficult decision was made, upon closer inspection Tyler decided it was safe to cross the bridge to Thistleop. This was the group’s undoing. The adventures, running, made it halfway to the other side of the bridge when their weight released the mechanism holding the bridge in place on the far side. Falling eighty feet into the water, Arin, struggled to stay afloat and breathing. Avaric, Krang and Tyler, all held on to the rope bridge as it slammed against the cliff face on the near side. Avaric then lost his grip on the bridge gone vertical and plummeted into the water below. “BAROOOOOOOOOOO!” came the familiar sound from the cave to the west. Avaric and Arin feverishly swam for a small island within reach. Desperately trying to get out of the water, away from whatever creature swam toward them. Krang and Tyler were able to climb up the bridge and regain footing on earth. They threw ropes to Avaric and Arin, now stranded on the small island and safely brought them up the cliff face. The crew, drenched, tired and beaten down by the waves. Looks to still save Sandpoint from this menacing threat.

The Day After Wrath

Tyler and Arin rushed out of the catacombs, emerging into the midday sun and immediately reported to Mayor Deverin. She sat swamped in paperwork and still raw from yesterday’s news of the many men and women murdered in the Glassworks. She appeared to be gathering evidence for Tsuto’s upcoming trial in Magnimar. Mayor Deverin explained to Arin and Tyler that Tsuto would probably be transported to Magnimar and tried by Justice Ironbriar in the next two days.Kendra deverin Arin felt the Runewell below Sandpoint may have been influencing Tsuto’s decisions and offered to help aid him with evidence for his trial. The mayor felt that Ironbriar would be inclined to ignore any evidence that would speak to Tsuto’s character, but seems to be only interested in the facts of what occurred. They Mayor explained the invasion of Sandpoint, the murder of six men and women in the Glassworks, the kidnapping and assault of his sister Ameiko and his attack against the city guard of Sandpoint in the basement of the Glassworks were all being brought before Justice Ironbriar.

The Exalted Lord Duke Pecan Boomflask and his brave male field-nurse Avaric pushed through the city to see if Ameiko’s condition had improved. She was badly beaten by her brother and several goblins the night before last having refused to aid Tsuto and Naulia in her plot to destroy Sandpoint. Ameiko seemed in poor spirits but was glad to see her rescuers again. She then offered The Rusty Dragon as a permanent residence for Avaric, Tyler, Pecan, Arin and Krang, free of charge, for life. This was a generous act on her part, the adventurers after all, were her saviors. Ameiko felt sad for her brother, he was shunned and outcast by their father Kaijitsu. Tsuto always had a temper and hated Sandpoint because their father loved it so much, and always saw the town as something he could never be a part of since their father wouldn’t allow the shame of his bastard’s presence.200px ameiko Ameiko was preparing the meal for that evening, being short staffed, she eventually needed to leave the bar and focus on her meal prep. This was a dark moment for her brother all alone in the jail of City Hall. The Deposed Lord Duke, with no one to talk to, decided to pay Tsuto a visit.

Avaric and Pecan arrived at City Hall and joined Arin and Tyler as the halfling was kindly asking Tsuto about his current emotional state. Tsuto understanding what faced him at trial, was not concerned with the adventurers questions. Tyler’s friendly demeanor quickly turned vindictive due to Tsuto’s sour mood and informed the prisoner that he would be receiving less food. Arin also tried to determine the cause of Tsuto’s behavior but had similar luck. Pecan turned the tide when he arrived. Being magically forced, Tsuto’s compliance and friendship, led to information. Nualia Tsuto’s lover, who was thought to have died in the Sandpoint Cathedral fire five years ago is still alive and is preparing a bloody attack on Sandpoint in order to send souls to the Runewell below the city. This would further power the Runewell and would allow Nualia to create a sinspawn army under her control and in use to a great evil deity, Lamashtu. If this were to happen more than Sandpoint would be lost to this sinspawn invasion. Tsuto went on to gladly help in his defense by cooperating with Pecan of the Town Guard further. “There are mostly goblins at Thistletop” Tsuto explained, “There’s a bugbear that protects Nualia, and a few humans that do whatever my love says. There’s also a creature, Malfeshnikor somewhere in the depths of Thistletop. Nualia is trying to communicate with it so we can recruit to to help kill everyone in Sandpoint.”

After refreshing their supplies the group rushed to Thistletop to try to put a stop to the coming attack on Sandpoint. Briar patches smothered the countryside, but Tyler was able to spot a small doorway entry into the maze of briars and thorns. KrangArin, Krang and Avaric needed to crawl on their hands and knees in order to fit into the diminutive tunnel system. Tyler and Pecan sneaked through the very small tunnels looking for signs of danger, Tyler noticed a group of twelve Thistletop goblins to the north west. He drew his new dagger, threw it and pieced the closest goblin between the eyes, killing the crazed green creature instantly.

Pecan, thinking quickly and coordinating with the group setup a trap using a large puddle of grease created by the Duke himself. They devised a plan that they hoped would work: put magical grease by an opening into a shaft below them that would drop any creature to its death into the water below. It wasn’t the simplest plan, but it was the most effective one. Goblin after charged to where they believed the assassin was hiding. Nine goblins were ushered to their deaths by the grease trap created by Pecan. One goblin noticed the grease by was quickly cut in two by Krang’s readied attack.

Goblin dogs, a cougar with a fire red stripe down its back and a goblin druid with a flaming scimitar engaged the group from behind, almost knocking Avaric into the hole and to his death. But that day was not the day Sarenrae desired her cleric to die, and so he pressed on and persisted. Avaric bolstered his team mates while they struggled to maintain the advantage in the battle. The goblin dogs were bitting, diseased monsters and the cougar was the most ferocious beast the heroes had met. Krang was left with scars to prove the fierceness of this druid goblin’s cougar. A well placed arrow by Pecan killed the last remaining goblin.Druidgob Tyler, Arin and Krang all attempted to maneuver the situation into their control. Tyler tumbled behind the goblin druid and wounded him with a finely placed slice to its back. Arin was then able to injure the druid so badly, the druid was forced to flee after changing into a cougar himself.

The group, victorious, but battered to the point of unconsciousness, looked to Sandpoint as a respite from this treacherous voyage into Thistletop.

The Catacombs of Wrath

Arin, Krang, Avaric, Pecan and Tyler descended into a catacomb derectly below the town of sandpoint. They encountered several sinspawn that proved to be trivial challenges due to the melee prowess and coordinated actions of the group. Arin’s lifelong pursuit of ancient Thassalonian knowledge proved to be useful when he recognized a statue of Runelord Alaznist, a woman and powerful wizard from many millennia ago. Taking the runelord’s spear from her statue, Tyler lead the adventurers further into the catacombs, discovering a prison and instruments of torture. The northern portion of the catacombs seemed completely dedicated to the imprisonment, torture and transformation of many victims. Several malformed corpses that seemed to be magically preserved from decay were discovered in a study, before they encountered a terribly altered goblin. Having three arms and a nasty temperament, Koruvus as he later became known was put in charge of guarding the cells of zombies who were being corrupted for the glory of Lamashtu.Koruvus

The group discovered a room with red metal walls and electric current that seemed to spells words in ancient thassilonian on the walls. The words: Wrath, hate, anger, destruction, were all recognized by Arin’s keen attention. The group tied a rope to Tyler and helped him into this peculiar room which was home to a levitation spell as well. Several items were floating about and with Tyler’s dextrous ways he was easily able to obtain a scroll, wand, bottle of wine, and a prayer book belonging to Erylium.

Tyler investigated a collapsed staircase that would lead deeper into the catacombs and when pressing his ear to the stone rubble could make out a faint howl coming from the depths.

The group then worked their way back nearer the catacombs entrance and found an onyx alter with dark liquid filling a cutout in the onyx stone. Pecan added a drop of his blood as Avaric collected a sample in a container. Pecan then added a bit of the water found in an earlier pool. None of the attempts to garner a reaction from the alter or liquid provided results. While this was happening, Tyler, ever curious and desiring further monetary benefit, opened a door leading to the Runewell of Wrath.
Erylium, a Quasit who felt the need to protect the Runewell from the invaders, cut her hand and fed her blood to the Runewell, which in turn spewed out a lurking sinspawn. Erylium summoned many creatures to aid in the destruction of the group, creating chaos and protracting the fight as long as possible. Much needed courage from Duke Pecan greatly improved the adventurers potency and a well timed decision to “burn these things” led to the mighty Duke slaying many vipers with alchemy and madness. Erylium was able to keep the bold and mostly drunk Avaric at bay, but being surrounded and overwhelmed by the adventurers was her undoing. Tyler and Krang having shaken off their fear of the qusit, entered battle and wounded the flying outsider. It was a well timed blow from Arin that stole her life and put a finish to the battle that had gone on for minutes.

Pecan immediately recognized the Runewell, a Runewell of Wrath from the countless stories he had heard as a young bard and duke. This device from ancient Thassalon was an extremely powerful magic that fed on the souls of the dead to power itself.

The then completely drunk Avaric refused to surrender the Quasit’s dagger to Tyler, because “I just don’t like him”, and thus sparked an argument with the greatly chaotic group of adventurers. The group left the catacombs with loot in tow and a prayer book to decipher.

2629xp Krang & Avaric
2529xp Arin, Tyler, & Pecan

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