Rise of the Runelords

The Fall of the House of Thistle

The raggedy bunch, realizing they had left a few goblin guards outside stashed the treasure horde back behind the latrine. They then setup a grease trap to lure the goblins and their goblin dogs. Pecan’s greasy plan executed flawlessly for the second time. He covered a section of the island with grease and with Tyler’s help, lured the goblins. One goblin after another plummeted off thistletop and into the ocean below. Without the aid of his goblin cohorts, the goblin druid Gromgurt, who they had fought a few days before, died quickly.
The team then turned their attention to the lower levels of Thistletop and going downstairs they come upon the war room. A table piled high with papers and a map of the invasion of Sandpoint on the wall, it was clear, the invasion from a few weeks ago was planned in this room, and here, the coming invasion of Sandpoint was also being refined. Krang opened the door one the far side the room. Here a woman was already in the process of casting a spell at whomever opened the door. The spell she let loose as soon as she set eyes on the large green half-orc. Krang’s greataxe exploded in his hands bursting into bits of wood and steel, shrapnel bouncing off ceiling and walls. The saviors of LyrieakenjaSandpoint quickly jumped into action and killed the female wizard before she could cause more harm. She was standing in what appeared to be her study. The room was lined with book shelves, old tomes and paper, scattered everywhere, now covered in the blood of the woman who studied them.

Bruthazmus was busy with three goblin wives, probably belonging to Chief Ripnugget. They were taking the clothes off the large bugbear when Arin swung open the door to his room, allowing Pecan to throw a vial of alchemist’s fire. The fire engulfed the enraged bugbear and killed the three goblin wives, all who had planned on a better day then they received.Bruthazmus offered little resistance to the group. But his bloody body was dragged and used to detect any traps in the area. It was shortly after this that the group entered the Chapel to Lamashtu. OrikThe twin doors leading to the room were carved to show monstrous creatures being birthed from human mothers, clawing their way out of the womb. A towering statue of the deformed goddess Lamashtu leaned over an alter where remains of a previous scarifies still endured. A terrible howl, interrupted the group’s search of this terrible chapel, the sound of this eery cry sent Pecan and Tyler running for Sandpoint. Krang, Arin and Avaric attempted to buy time for their fleeing comrades by engaging the source of the howl, two Yeth Hounds. A bloody fight ensued and in spite of the cleric’s waning powers, the three prevailed against the four legged gifts of Lamashtu.

The statue was gruesome and cruel looking, the goddess held two kukris, one in each hand and each gave off a pale magic light, one blue and one red. Leaving the chapel alone and desiring to prevent the destruction of Sandpoint, the adventurers encountered Orik Vancaskerkin, wearing muffs around his ears and carrying an enormous shield in the shape of a man’s face. He identified himself as the protector and guardian of the inhabitants of Sandpoint. Orik made it clear that if the group didn’t pay him and provide the nicest home in Sandpoint, he would kill them in that moment. So they paid up, but only after Pecan tried to charm Orik, the situation turned more hostile.

Orik informed the group of Nualia’s location below on the second floor down, but was unable to give further details, he seemed too scared to go below.

As Orik had told them, the team searched the bookshelves where they had killed the female wizard. Pecan found the mechanism to open the hidden door and the group headed lower into Thistletop.

The floor below was slanted, uneven, leaning to the west. The staircase opened into a room lit by torches and lead into a hallway, where Pecan suspecting a shortcut, accidentally set off a trap. Steel portcullis encased him in the hallway, and statues to either side of him sprang to action and began slashing wildly with their razor sharp glaives. Krang, in a rage darted toward the portcullis bars and with all his strength tried to pull the bars apart to save his closest friend. The steel was too well forged for him to free Pecan. Tyler, yelling at Krang to get out of the way, pushed by him and in a flurry of movements, aided by Arin and Avaric, was able to disable the trap and free Pecan before the gnome was slashed to bits.

“I didn’t expect that” – Pecan

The element of surprise was gone. A door opened on the far side of the hallway, and a woman appeared. She had gruesome scars across her stomach and a foul, transformed arm, red and disgusting. She was beautiful but terrible, at her side stood a third Yeth hound. This was Nualia Tobyn, the daughter of Ezakien Tobyn, the priest who had died in the Sandpoint fire five years ago. She was thought to be dead, but Tstuo confirmed she was alive and was working for the terrible goddess Lamashtu. It was no surprise then to see her partially transformed into a creature.

“Why are you here?….Sandpoint is gone…destroyed”Nualia

The beautiful Nualia questioned her intruders for a few minutes while she reveled in her victory, certain of the town’s destruction.

In their fury Tyler, Arin, Pecan, Krang and Avaric attacked the woman and her companion, knowing that if the town was gone, she would die. The battle was fierce, but Nualia met her end. No matter the cost, they were intent on removing this woman from the world.

Avaric and Arin would no longer press deeper into Thistletop until they went to check on Sandpoint. They found the city just as they left it a few days earlier. Nualia had lied, or believed a lie told to her. Either way, the city was safe and unharmed.

The men laid their possessions down and went to their rooms, intent on being rested up for the return to Thistletop the following day. When dawn broke,Krang left his share of the goblin hoard in his room, locked in the chest. The rest of the group restocked on potions, food and water and made their way back to Thistletop.

They returned to Nualia’s chambers and began to look through her possessions. Most of what she had acquired were relics and ingredients for spells, if Pecan’s and Avaric’s opinions were to be trusted. The adventurers continued to explore the lower levels of Thistletop and came upon a dead end that Tyler believed to lead somewhere. He found a mechanism where he dropped two coins, one in each slot, and he instantly disappeared. The others followed suit and when they reappeared, they found themselves all together with Tyler in hallway with three doors.

One of the doors led to a room with two statues of a man clutching a book and a glaive. A ghostly figure, seated in a throne between the statues, appears to be the same man as the statues. His transparent arms were waving through the air, as if addressing an audience, the hooked rings on his fingers gleaming. A small voice came from the image seated before the adventurers. Karzoug

“….is upon us, but I command you to remain. Witness my power, how Alaznist’s petty wrath is but a flash compared to my strength. Take my final work to your graves, and let its memory be the last thing you…”

The image was stuck in a loop and was replaying that message over and over. After a quick search, the group went to the second room. They found very well kept instruments, ones used for fine cuts and probably used by a surgeon of sorts. Arin noticed a metal star with seven points on one of the tables and took it. He realized that this metal seven-pointed star was the key to the final door when placed into the recess of a similar shape. He twisted the shape and the door unlocked. Krang and Arin pushed the door open.

In a flash, the mighty Krang was a dead bloody heap on the floor. He had been slain by Malfeshnekor. The blinking frenzied demon form had been hiding, invisible, waiting for the proper moment to strike. The team tried everything they could to slow his fury but, Krang the mighty, fought and died by Arin’s side. The smell of burning hair and smoke burned the brave companions, the relentless whirlwind of claws, teeth and spells could have ended their lives. But Arin, Avaric, Pecan, and Tyler slew the demon Malfeshnekor. Krang’s lifeless body, gored and bloodied, a testament to the beast’s otherworldly power.

The group mourned their lost companion only after the room was picked clean of any valuables. Upon further searching they came upon a sealed room that was used as a tomb, within the room sat a huge helmet made of gold and studded with gems. MalfeshnekorThe helmet appeared to be sized for a giant, weighing many hundreds of pounds and more than five feet wide. Tyler noticed a door hidden in one of the walls in this same room. He opened the door and let Arin and Pecan lead the way. A room opened before them, with a mural made of small colored stones lining the walls and ceiling. The mural showed a landscape of a mountain range and in the largest valley a sprawling city of pure gold with an enormous solitary mountain rising from the valley. Arin and Pecan heard rumors of this city during their travels, the ancient lost city of Xin-Shalast.

Avaric in the meantime carried Krang’s body up the through the ruins and halls of Thistletop and upon reaching the summit, prepared a pyre for his funeral.Krang

The remaining companions, bruised and exhausted from the many days of struggle upon Thistletop, soon joined Avaric in saying goodbye to their comrade. Shortly after, they departed, taking the horse that had been captured, and leaving a helm of gold.

Krang’s Death marks the 21st Day of the Month of Lamashan.



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