Rise of the Runelords

The Day After Wrath

Tyler and Arin rushed out of the catacombs, emerging into the midday sun and immediately reported to Mayor Deverin. She sat swamped in paperwork and still raw from yesterday’s news of the many men and women murdered in the Glassworks. She appeared to be gathering evidence for Tsuto’s upcoming trial in Magnimar. Mayor Deverin explained to Arin and Tyler that Tsuto would probably be transported to Magnimar and tried by Justice Ironbriar in the next two days.Kendra deverin Arin felt the Runewell below Sandpoint may have been influencing Tsuto’s decisions and offered to help aid him with evidence for his trial. The mayor felt that Ironbriar would be inclined to ignore any evidence that would speak to Tsuto’s character, but seems to be only interested in the facts of what occurred. They Mayor explained the invasion of Sandpoint, the murder of six men and women in the Glassworks, the kidnapping and assault of his sister Ameiko and his attack against the city guard of Sandpoint in the basement of the Glassworks were all being brought before Justice Ironbriar.

The Exalted Lord Duke Pecan Boomflask and his brave male field-nurse Avaric pushed through the city to see if Ameiko’s condition had improved. She was badly beaten by her brother and several goblins the night before last having refused to aid Tsuto and Naulia in her plot to destroy Sandpoint. Ameiko seemed in poor spirits but was glad to see her rescuers again. She then offered The Rusty Dragon as a permanent residence for Avaric, Tyler, Pecan, Arin and Krang, free of charge, for life. This was a generous act on her part, the adventurers after all, were her saviors. Ameiko felt sad for her brother, he was shunned and outcast by their father Kaijitsu. Tsuto always had a temper and hated Sandpoint because their father loved it so much, and always saw the town as something he could never be a part of since their father wouldn’t allow the shame of his bastard’s presence.200px ameiko Ameiko was preparing the meal for that evening, being short staffed, she eventually needed to leave the bar and focus on her meal prep. This was a dark moment for her brother all alone in the jail of City Hall. The Deposed Lord Duke, with no one to talk to, decided to pay Tsuto a visit.

Avaric and Pecan arrived at City Hall and joined Arin and Tyler as the halfling was kindly asking Tsuto about his current emotional state. Tsuto understanding what faced him at trial, was not concerned with the adventurers questions. Tyler’s friendly demeanor quickly turned vindictive due to Tsuto’s sour mood and informed the prisoner that he would be receiving less food. Arin also tried to determine the cause of Tsuto’s behavior but had similar luck. Pecan turned the tide when he arrived. Being magically forced, Tsuto’s compliance and friendship, led to information. Nualia Tsuto’s lover, who was thought to have died in the Sandpoint Cathedral fire five years ago is still alive and is preparing a bloody attack on Sandpoint in order to send souls to the Runewell below the city. This would further power the Runewell and would allow Nualia to create a sinspawn army under her control and in use to a great evil deity, Lamashtu. If this were to happen more than Sandpoint would be lost to this sinspawn invasion. Tsuto went on to gladly help in his defense by cooperating with Pecan of the Town Guard further. “There are mostly goblins at Thistletop” Tsuto explained, “There’s a bugbear that protects Nualia, and a few humans that do whatever my love says. There’s also a creature, Malfeshnikor somewhere in the depths of Thistletop. Nualia is trying to communicate with it so we can recruit to to help kill everyone in Sandpoint.”

After refreshing their supplies the group rushed to Thistletop to try to put a stop to the coming attack on Sandpoint. Briar patches smothered the countryside, but Tyler was able to spot a small doorway entry into the maze of briars and thorns. KrangArin, Krang and Avaric needed to crawl on their hands and knees in order to fit into the diminutive tunnel system. Tyler and Pecan sneaked through the very small tunnels looking for signs of danger, Tyler noticed a group of twelve Thistletop goblins to the north west. He drew his new dagger, threw it and pieced the closest goblin between the eyes, killing the crazed green creature instantly.

Pecan, thinking quickly and coordinating with the group setup a trap using a large puddle of grease created by the Duke himself. They devised a plan that they hoped would work: put magical grease by an opening into a shaft below them that would drop any creature to its death into the water below. It wasn’t the simplest plan, but it was the most effective one. Goblin after charged to where they believed the assassin was hiding. Nine goblins were ushered to their deaths by the grease trap created by Pecan. One goblin noticed the grease by was quickly cut in two by Krang’s readied attack.

Goblin dogs, a cougar with a fire red stripe down its back and a goblin druid with a flaming scimitar engaged the group from behind, almost knocking Avaric into the hole and to his death. But that day was not the day Sarenrae desired her cleric to die, and so he pressed on and persisted. Avaric bolstered his team mates while they struggled to maintain the advantage in the battle. The goblin dogs were bitting, diseased monsters and the cougar was the most ferocious beast the heroes had met. Krang was left with scars to prove the fierceness of this druid goblin’s cougar. A well placed arrow by Pecan killed the last remaining goblin.Druidgob Tyler, Arin and Krang all attempted to maneuver the situation into their control. Tyler tumbled behind the goblin druid and wounded him with a finely placed slice to its back. Arin was then able to injure the druid so badly, the druid was forced to flee after changing into a cougar himself.

The group, victorious, but battered to the point of unconsciousness, looked to Sandpoint as a respite from this treacherous voyage into Thistletop.



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