Rise of the Runelords

The Catacombs of Wrath

Arin, Krang, Avaric, Pecan and Tyler descended into a catacomb derectly below the town of sandpoint. They encountered several sinspawn that proved to be trivial challenges due to the melee prowess and coordinated actions of the group. Arin’s lifelong pursuit of ancient Thassalonian knowledge proved to be useful when he recognized a statue of Runelord Alaznist, a woman and powerful wizard from many millennia ago. Taking the runelord’s spear from her statue, Tyler lead the adventurers further into the catacombs, discovering a prison and instruments of torture. The northern portion of the catacombs seemed completely dedicated to the imprisonment, torture and transformation of many victims. Several malformed corpses that seemed to be magically preserved from decay were discovered in a study, before they encountered a terribly altered goblin. Having three arms and a nasty temperament, Koruvus as he later became known was put in charge of guarding the cells of zombies who were being corrupted for the glory of Lamashtu.Koruvus

The group discovered a room with red metal walls and electric current that seemed to spells words in ancient thassilonian on the walls. The words: Wrath, hate, anger, destruction, were all recognized by Arin’s keen attention. The group tied a rope to Tyler and helped him into this peculiar room which was home to a levitation spell as well. Several items were floating about and with Tyler’s dextrous ways he was easily able to obtain a scroll, wand, bottle of wine, and a prayer book belonging to Erylium.

Tyler investigated a collapsed staircase that would lead deeper into the catacombs and when pressing his ear to the stone rubble could make out a faint howl coming from the depths.

The group then worked their way back nearer the catacombs entrance and found an onyx alter with dark liquid filling a cutout in the onyx stone. Pecan added a drop of his blood as Avaric collected a sample in a container. Pecan then added a bit of the water found in an earlier pool. None of the attempts to garner a reaction from the alter or liquid provided results. While this was happening, Tyler, ever curious and desiring further monetary benefit, opened a door leading to the Runewell of Wrath.
Erylium, a Quasit who felt the need to protect the Runewell from the invaders, cut her hand and fed her blood to the Runewell, which in turn spewed out a lurking sinspawn. Erylium summoned many creatures to aid in the destruction of the group, creating chaos and protracting the fight as long as possible. Much needed courage from Duke Pecan greatly improved the adventurers potency and a well timed decision to “burn these things” led to the mighty Duke slaying many vipers with alchemy and madness. Erylium was able to keep the bold and mostly drunk Avaric at bay, but being surrounded and overwhelmed by the adventurers was her undoing. Tyler and Krang having shaken off their fear of the qusit, entered battle and wounded the flying outsider. It was a well timed blow from Arin that stole her life and put a finish to the battle that had gone on for minutes.

Pecan immediately recognized the Runewell, a Runewell of Wrath from the countless stories he had heard as a young bard and duke. This device from ancient Thassalon was an extremely powerful magic that fed on the souls of the dead to power itself.

The then completely drunk Avaric refused to surrender the Quasit’s dagger to Tyler, because “I just don’t like him”, and thus sparked an argument with the greatly chaotic group of adventurers. The group left the catacombs with loot in tow and a prayer book to decipher.

2629xp Krang & Avaric
2529xp Arin, Tyler, & Pecan



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