Rise of the Runelords

Swimming with Goblins

Tyler began creeping around the briars, scouting ahead for the goblin druid who had escaped the group. Krang, Arin and Avaric began to explore the western portion of the briar caves and discovered several outlooks overlooking the southern, western and northern approaches to Thistletop. It was on the western lookout that Arin noticed that the island of Thistletop resembled a huge, eighty foot tall, head. The sea and years had worn down the features, but an eye and nose could be made out. During their exploration of the thistle caves, Tyler discovered a wood and rope bridge that lead to the island. Atop this island was a crudely “goblin-crafted” fortress. It appeared to be constructed from salvaged parts from ships and thrown out lumber. The walls stood around twenty feet tall. To the west and east of the fortress stood lookout towers that extended forty feet into the air.

As they approached the bridge, Krang chose to dash across the bridge overlooking the sea below. As he ascended and finally reached the other side, stepping foot on Thistletop, the Goblin druid and his companions where there waiting for him. Krang realized he was in serious peril and the first chance he had, he began to run back across the bridge, away from the threat. The goblins then began to release the bridge attempting to drop it into the ocean below, with Krang still on it. It was Avaric, with his ingenious plan of tying a rope to Krang, who in a burst of strength pulled Krang all the way off the bridge before the bridge collapsed on one side. Krang mentioned his eternal indebtedness to the holy dwarf for saving his life.
The group sprang into action, firing arrows at the goblins on the other side, killing several, watching their bodies fall into the water below. The adventurers decided to rest for the night, inside the eastern lookout. The night was silent and uneventfull, and when morning eased its way into the world, Arin found the rope bridge to be restored to working condition. Tyler, with his keen eyes, noticed the ropes on the bridge were designed to give out, then with a pulley, could be lifted back into place.

A difficult decision was made, upon closer inspection Tyler decided it was safe to cross the bridge to Thistleop. This was the group’s undoing. The adventures, running, made it halfway to the other side of the bridge when their weight released the mechanism holding the bridge in place on the far side. Falling eighty feet into the water, Arin, struggled to stay afloat and breathing. Avaric, Krang and Tyler, all held on to the rope bridge as it slammed against the cliff face on the near side. Avaric then lost his grip on the bridge gone vertical and plummeted into the water below. “BAROOOOOOOOOOO!” came the familiar sound from the cave to the west. Avaric and Arin feverishly swam for a small island within reach. Desperately trying to get out of the water, away from whatever creature swam toward them. Krang and Tyler were able to climb up the bridge and regain footing on earth. They threw ropes to Avaric and Arin, now stranded on the small island and safely brought them up the cliff face. The crew, drenched, tired and beaten down by the waves. Looks to still save Sandpoint from this menacing threat.



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