Rise of the Runelords

And Hell is Coming With Me

Thistletop  2 Tyler and Pecan, sneaking up to the rope bridge, under cover, disabled the mechanism that made the bridge drop away under stress. Pecan followed Tyler all the way across the bridge to the other side and reinforced the bridge to allow passage to the remaining heroes of Sandpoint. The group gathered on Thistletop proper, noticing that the alarm had not be raised, took initiative and carefully entered the fortress through the front doors. Arin, Krang, Avaric, Tyler and Pecan slowly made their way around the fortress on Thistletop trying to discover any information that could lead to saving Sandpoint from the impending goblin attack. Carving a carefully planned route and stealth, the adventurers worked their way between the two guard towers, hoping to eliminate the chance of an alarm. They quickly dispatched a duo of goblin commandos and immediately began working their way to the western guard tower.01 goblin cmyk

Filled with pickles, the western guard tower outlook, had been filled with pickles. The pair of goblins that had been stationed here, apparently raided the food stores and stole four huge sacks of pickles and began voraciously eating them. This quickly earned the goblins a well deserved food nap. This was how the group found their pickle thieves; asleep and buried in pickles. Finding no mercy if their hearts for the unaware goblins they slew them in their sleep. Once the guard towers had been emptied of guards and the group had still been undiscovered they began to search the remainder of the Thistletop Fortress for Nualia and the treat to Sandpoint.Ripnugget They quickly came upon the goblin in charge of Thistletop after sneakily dispatching one of his guards. The green in charge, named Warchief Ripnugget, explained that he himself wasn’t at the attack on Sandpoint but he had been involved in it. He seemed confused as to why the group had been so upset about the attack and why the group sought vengeance rather than peace. Ripnugget was very impressed with the group’s appearance though, well armored and already seasoned in combat. He spoke highly of the group, to their faces, a fondness, he displayed. This did not save his life of the lives of any of the other goblins in the fortress. The squad of adventurers came to Thistletop for death, not words.

The greatest wealth of the fortress was kept in a chest with three keyholes. Filled to the brim with all sorts of coins, a sizable fortune, but was hidden behind a hole in the ground fouled by poo and piss. Krang’s already well tuned nose to the scent of poo, was unbothered by the overwhelming stench, it was he who discovered this fortune and he who removed it from the room with a hole…for poo. Krang found a golden fortune and Arin fed a crazed starving horse, things were done, words were said. Thomas, Jared, Zach, Nick, Jim & Ian went and did something else. I went to bed.



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